It is old proverb that:

                        “Health is Wealth”

                        “Sound Body Keeps a sound mind”


On the basis of the above two proverbs we have decided to make and frame a health code, we can identify the students from the dress code, similarly we wish to identify our students from their health code which includes following:

1. Body should be stout, composed with yogic look.

2. Hair style Trimmed hair small hail, well oiled, massaged and well combed.

3. Face should be well washed and creamed every time

4. Graceful, shinning eye.


Though all the above features are genetical and hereditary. We will try to develop above features by following:

1. Food Habits

2.Testing of the food taken by the students so as to ensure that student is taking proper calories of energy required by him daily .Since the food has great impact on the mine this is proved by an another proverb:


            “Jaise khayae Aann Baise Bane Mann”



                        The blood in the body is formed by the kind of food we take and it is purified to extent by the amount of oxygen we take. Similarly the moral health is made by the thoughts we intake and it is purified by the amount of time we use for meditation. We are working on concept with the help of parents so as to provide eco environment to the students both at school and home.



                        The teaching of physical education like structure of human being its various system like skeleton, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, digestive, nervous system, endocrine system etc is considered to be most essential part for which we have tried to strengthen our physical education department and the various facilities like gymnasium hall along with the community theater.

                                    The knowledge of physical education is also made compulsory for lower classes.

Play ground facilities for the games such as Basket Ball, Badminton, kho-kho, kabbadi, Hand Ball available in the school.