1. 85% lecturer, attendance is compulsory for appearing in Board’s and other exams.

2. An irregular student or one who remains absent continuously for 10 days his/her name will be

    struck off from school rolls.

3. A student is liable to pay all dues & fine as long as his name remain on the rolls of the school.

4. The Principle reserves the expulsion | termination of any student.



1. Application for any kind of leave should be submitted well in time.

2. Leave upto 3 days will be sanctioned by the vice-Principal. But in case of the leave for single period the concerned

    lecturer or class teacher will be competent to sanction theleave.

3. Leave above 3 days will be sanctioned by the principal.

4. In case of medical leave for period of six days application must produce relevant proof in support of illness.



1. Every student will be issued an identity card. Since identity card is only source to identify the school student hence

    every student must carry with him/her a proof of identity in shape of identity card.

2. In case the I-card is lost a duplicate card will be issued only after the ascertaining the loss of card.