There are about 2000 books in our Geeta Sukh Library which is also available to the public. In this there are various encyclopedias, references books, general books. The Library has regular subscription for major daily Newspaper, Magazines and Periodicals. All students can have access to these during the specified hours.


The following rules and regulation are to be observed in relation to the library:

1. Maintain silence in around library.

2. Always keep your identity card.

3. Due to large numbers of students the days and timing of getting a book will be fixed

4. Higher class students can borrow 2 books while other class students can borrow 1 book at a time of 5 days.

5. Reference books (Encyclopedia, Dictionaries etc) won’t be issued.

6. The student spoiling the books by under lining , marking or writing comments will be fined . Students have to keep in mind that the books are to be used by other by other students.

7. In case of loss or damage of books, the borrower will have to replace the books with a new copy.

8. Returning of book after the due date, Rs 1 fine per book per day will be charged.