Meet Our People

Dr Rajneesh Kanwar


Dr Rajneesh Kanwar has given contribution to the society by his developmental work, a successful entrepreneur who is running various ventures in the field of education, chemical industry, scientific industry and power generation.Dr Rajneesh Kanwar is an award winner entrepreneur. He was awarded by the Government of State for his contributory and developmental work in various fields. He has been a featured guest in various state functions.


Er Dhananjay Kanwar

Managing Director

Dhananjay Kanwar, is is the Managing Director of a Para Allied Chemicals, a production house of cost effective Quality Product with expertise in provision of Product Engineering Services & Systems Analysis. He is responsible for planning and management decisions and also plays a key role in defining Infinite’s growth plans. 

He takes care of people management which has helped him in making an outstanding contribution in strategic decision making ability.


Dinesh Guleria

Executive Manager

Dinesh Guleria is an Executive Manager of the venture, who has a rich experience of 26 Years in the field. He is responsible for the supply and marketing of the product. He is with the company since 1987. He is responsible for the organization and analysis of consumer demand and market trends within the local and global market. He identifies the target markets and performs best to achieve.


Deshraj Kumar

Marketing Executive

Deshraj is one of the consistent marketing executive of Para Allied Chemicals. He has an experience of 25 Years. He is with the company since it has started. He is responsible for all the promotional executives and monitoring of the performances. He is also responsible for devising and presentation of marketing ideas.